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Attorney David G. Petonic Has Many Years of Experience with Wills from Probate

Attorney David G. Petonic’s office is experienced in matters of probate for Westmoreland and Fayette Counties, including the preparation of Wills, start here for probate and estate administration and settlement of descendants estates in the Greensburg, PA area. Probate is the legal process whereby a will is proved in a court and accepted as a valid public document as the last testament of the deceased. There are opportunities to save taxes, even in “simple” wills.You can trust our expertise and experience in probate matters. Give us a call at (724) 887-0800 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or stop by our office at 314C Porter Avenue in Scottdale.

You Really Should Have a Will

A will is an instrument by which a person distributes property after his or her death. If you do not have a will, then the government takes over, and your assets are divided according to the Rules of Intestacy. In Pennsylvania, that rule does not recognize unmarried relationships or domestic partners, and it does not necessarily give all of your assets to your spouse. Make sure you have a will. David G. Petonic, Attorney at Law can draw up a simple will, which leaves all assets you own to someone else. We can draft a more complex will, such as forming a trust for a minor child or children.  Even if you are married, you should have a will, even if you have your assets are jointly titled with your spouse. 

Some of Our Will Services Include:

Drafting and Review of Wills
Will Contests and Disputes
Will Updates
Forming a Trust for a Minor Child
Interacts with Pennsylvania Register of Wills

Making Your Final Wishes Clear in Writing

A Last Will & Testament is an essential estate planning tool, even if you have a trust or other advanced plan. Without one, your family will be headed for possible conflict. A well-developed will by Attorney David G. Petonic will express your last wishes, including your instructions how your estate should be distributed and divided and who the executor will be. We will make sure that your plan will be in writing and reflect your wishes and values.

Sometimes Your Will Needs to be Updated

David G. Petonic’s office, or another law firm, might have already drafted a will for you, but some things in your life have changed since the will was drafted. If your situation has changed, then we suggest you contact us to update your will. Some of these life situations include: birth of a child, marriage, divorce, purchase of property, change in financial status, or death of a loved one or “incapacity.”