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Power of Attorney

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Assign Authority for Your Duties with David G. Petonic Attorney at Law

To establish a power of attorney in Connellsville, PA and surrounding areas, trust David G. Petonic, Attorney at Law. A Durable Power of Attorney is a legal document in which you can appoint someone to act on your behalf. These are important legal instruments to have in place when you become physically or mentally incapacitated. Or, as someone once said, ‘just being sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.’

The person you select as your agent will be responsible for taking over daily management of personal and financial affairs. A power of attorney can give them the authority to make both medical and financial decisions on your behalf. They can sell your property, make gifts on your behalf, file your taxes, and much more. Call David G. Petonic, Attorney at Law at (724) 887-0800 to find out more and schedule an appointment.

Appoint a Trustworthy Person for Your Power of Attorney in Connellsville

You, obviously, should appoint a person who is very trustworthy to become your Power of Attorney because decisions involve finances. We can draw up a Power of Attorney for your agent to sign.

Power of Attorney Allows Your Agent to Perform Tasks Like:

Make Medical Decisions on Your Behalf
Make Financial Decisions on Your Behalf
Pay Your Bills
Sell Your Property
Make Gifts on Your Behalf
File Your Taxes
Much More

Not Having a Power of Attorney Can Cause Future Problems

Not having a Power of Attorney can be potentially problematic for your family and others trying to care for you. If you become incapacitated or disabled, sometimes a guardian will need to be appointed through guardianship proceedings. A court then supervises the guardian, and the guardian is obligated to provide an ongoing accounting of your affairs. Guardianship is more expensive than a Power of Attorney, so do not let your loved ones become burdened with avoidable expenses.

You Can Change Your Agent at Any Time

Do you have a Power of Attorney already, but you want to appoint someone else as your agent? It is recommended that you update your Power of Attorney every few years because situations change. Your agent must act in accordance with your reasonable expectations. A court can take away the powers of your agent if it finds your agent is not acting properly. Contact us for a Power of Attorney, need to update a current one, and to learn more about the document.

Rely on the experience of David G. Petonic, Attorney at Law to establish a power of attorney in Connellsville, PA.