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Attorney David G. Petonic Has Vast Experience with Deeds and Titles

At David G. Petonic, Attorney at Law, our staff has prepared many deeds in the 30 years That I have been practicing law in the Greensburg, PA area. Preparing deeds often involves more than just looking at the last deed. Our firm also obtains title searches for our clients. Call our office for deed preparation and title search assistance at (724) 887-0800 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or stop by our office at 314C Porter Avenue in Scottdale.

Our Deed and Title Search Services Include:

Deed Preparation
Adding Children or Grandchildren onto Deeds
Title Searches
Title Clearance and Transfers

Adding Children, Grandchildren to Deeds

Do you own property, and you are worried about what will happen after you pass away? It is a common concern as you get older. If you own property in your name alone at your death, it will pass to your heirs through probate and will therefore become subject to the potential claims of any creditors you may have.  At David G. Petonic, Attorney at Law, we often discuss with senior citizens the advantages and disadvantages associated with adding one or more of their children or grandchildren onto the deeds to their properties.  Taking such steps can not only avoid probate, but also cut down on the time and expenses associated with estate administration.  Still, such decisions have to be considered carefully and on a case-by-case basis.


Trust Us to Thoroughly Search for Titles

Attorney David G. Petonic will make sure that before your spend your money, the title to the property that you are considering purchasing is thoroughly searched and that you are given a strong policy of title insurance that will protect you in the event that any undiscovered encumbrance or lien against the property should arise. Contact us when you need our assistance with title searches or deed preparation.