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Attorney Petonic is Experienced in Real Estate Sales Agreements

Some of the questions we receive at David G. Petonic, Attorney at Law involve real estate matters in the Scottdale, PA area. Our attorney and staff have extensive experience with the sale and purchase of real estate property. Real estate sales agreements should always be in writing and should always have clear and definite terms. With our experience in the many aspects of real estate, we can assist clients in the preparation of these agreements. If you are the seller consult before you do the real estate disclosure RESDO by owner form. Give us a call at (724) 887-0800 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to make an appointment, or stop by our office at 314C Porter Avenue in Scottdale.

Available to Help with Closing a Real Estate Deal

David G. Petonic, Attorney at Law can assist clients as they prepare for closing. In representing sellers, we can prepare their deeds and other documents. In representing a buyer, we can undertake a title search. If a buyer so requests, we can also inquire into title insurance. In every event, having experienced legal assistance with real estate can be valuable. When you need assistance in closing a real estate deal in Westmoreland and Fayette counties, our firm is the one to depend on.

Trust Our Experience in Business Agreements

Many clients of David G. Petonic in the Scottdale, Mount Pleasant, and Connellsville region inquire about buying or selling existing businesses. Depending on the circumstances, purchases and sales of businesses can be quite complicated as a variety of legal issues are often involved. Attorney Petonic’s law firm is also experienced in business agreements. Business agreements can include buy/sell arrangements among shareholders or other participants, employment agreements, succession planning, agreements relating to the operation of a business and the like. Contact us when you need our help in completing a business agreement.