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Are you looking for a Pennsylvania Turnpike fare evasion attorney serving Scottdale, PA and Mount Pleasant, PA areas? Call David G. Petonic, Attorney at Law to represent you in your case. We have many years of experience in representing clients charged with turnpike toll evasion. Call us today at (724) 887-0800. Our office is near the New Stanton turnpike exit, and there is enough room for truckers to park their rigs.

Drivers Could Face a Felony Charge for Turnpike Fare Evasion

Have you received a turnpike fare evasion ticket in the mail? Vehicle operators charged with theft of services or toll evasion could face a felony charge. An amended 2017 state law permits the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to ask PennDOT to suspend vehicle registrations of drivers. Six or more unpaid toll fare violations, or owing $500 or more in tolls and fees puts you at risk.

Hefty Fines or Jail Possible if Convicted of Turnpike Fare Evasion

Those convicted of turnpike fare evasion, face fines according to the classification of your vehicle by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. Amounts range from $100 for class one and two vehicles to $1,000 for class seven vehicles and higher. If you knowingly evade tolls, you could face fines as much as $6,500 or imprisonment of six months.

We Defend Your Rights and Protect Your Driving Record

Do not just plead guilty and hope for the best. There is hope for vehicle operators in the Scottdale, PA and Mount Pleasant, PA areas charged with turnpike fare evasion. Call David G. Petonic, Attorney at Law. We are tenacious in our defense of our clients, and we have represented drivers from all over the state of Pennsylvania.


David G. Petonic is an experienced and skilled lawyer in trying cases before the district magistrate. We will help defend your legal rights and protect your driving record. Contact us today when you need help from a turnpike fare evasion attorney.